Our Service

There are other engineering work carried out by Athar establishment for engineering and general contracting, this works are as follows:

  1. The completion of the preliminary engineering designs for projects belonging to the establishment and other belonging to the customers.
  2. Completion of architectural maps and construction studies of the final projects mentioned above.
  3. Completion of transactions Building Permits and Housing and secretion belonging to the projects mentioned.
  4. Commitment contracting projects from the private sector kinds.
  5. Supervising the implementation of these projects by establishment’s engineers.
General Contracting

Athar Est is a member of the Lebanese contractors Syndicate and classified first degree in thegeneral directorate of Roads and Buildings, they are implementing projects for the benefit of the Council of the South and other public institutions, whether local or foreign, as the founder of the public housing projects in Syria, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and others. This activity has developed quickly and significantly, thanks to the long experience in this field and also provides engineers and competent team with extensive experience.

General contracting include the following types of contracting:

  • Public Schools and Houses of worship

Over the last 15 years we have built or repair more than 100 schools and houses of worship in south Lebanon and west Bekaa. These projects testify to our unique blend of skills, integrated service capabilities and the expertise of our management and staff.

Examples of public schools testify to Athar team work: Der Ames school, Kafra School, Zaita School, Tyre School...Etc.

Example Houses of worship AlGhandouriyeh Husainiyeh, Church of St. Peter

  • Civil infrastructure

Through its years of experience, civil infrastructure works have progressed rapidly with the public sectors of cities and villages over Lebanon. These works covered pipeline, wastes water,roads and bridges.

Example of civil infrastructure projects

Water network in the town of Mims, Palace aqueous and extend the linear push and drag in the town of Homin Tahta, an aquarium in the town of Yaron, the water network in the town of Sadikin, set up walls of support on the road of Sribbin Beit Lif, incision and paving of many roads in the villages and towns in south Lebanon and many other projects.

Services Real Estate

Clients from both the public and private sectors, whatever their area of interest - be it commercial and residential are available at Athar Est. Sound engineering skills instantly reviews its strategies to ensure cost effectiveness and quality that suit our clients’ needs and chances. Building Construction covered a wide range of projects from building, housing unit (more than 400 units) and villas.

Real Estate development includes the following types of projects:

  • Residential: Apartments and villa housing unit
  • Offices and commercial stores

Example of projects: Alissar residential projects, Athar2 office building, Ismail Villa 1 and Ismail Villa 2 Der kanoun Ras Alain, rehabilitation and reconstruction of villages in Qana and Al Qlayleh