Athar Establishment for Engineering and General Contracting has been established in the year 1999 to operate as contractors in the buildings, roads and infrastructure sectors. The establishment headquarter is based in Tyre south Lebanon and has a representative office in Republic Of Iraq, and also has a joint venture in the republic of Congo

The experience of the past years has emphasis on the importance of the preplanned strategy with respect to geographical, technology and financial expansion to maintain the Est.’s prime objective of continued of the business.

However, the establishment contributed to the Lebanese post-war development especially in the south of Lebanon concerning the construction of schools, place of worship in many regions, construction and rehabilitation of residential buildings in south Lebanon (council of the south, Qatari, Syrian projects).

Recently, the Est. became interesting in the field of trade-based real estate (residential and commercial projects).

Based on the above facts, the growth in the Est. activities in general is expected to increase in the forth - coming years, as the outlook is promising for the Est. and Lebanon.